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Hello everyone you might be wandering who is on the other side of FinanceBread. FinanceBread as for now is operated through only one person.

About that person you will get to know in a moment but before what is FinanceBread and what’s its vision it’s good to know.

Starting from the start FinanceBread is a platform ( website ) built with the vision of providing finance knowledge and aspects in such a way that they are more relatable and the easy to understand.

About the Author

This is Rishabh Kashyap

 My name is Rishabh Kashyap. I am 19 years old. and BBA Student and I passed my 12th standard from C.B.S.E Board. I have always been curious about the internet and writing.

When I got admission in BBA. I got some ideas from lectures, books and yes the internet about Blogging.

Let’s just believe it, people, what we study in college and school it’s hard to apply in real-life scenarios and don’t get me wrong yes they are important but I am just saying if you don’t find a way to use it then it’s probably next to nothing.

One day I happened to be reading a book named Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

I am not going to talk about the book but one thing that really concerned me even after finishing the book that is Financial Literacy.

So with a view of making myself more financially literate and yes, if anyone wants to join me in this journey, they are more than welcome.

With keeping in mind this I created FinanceBread to share to people who are walking towards the same Destination. I post 2-3 articles related to Finance and Business in the week on FinanceBread.

If they happen to be of any value even a little bit. Please don’t forget to show your support and love.

This is my certificate of Digital Marketing Course from GOOGLE.

Thanks for reading till here. Hope you have a wonderful experience on FinanceBread.


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